Mai 22, 2024

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DIY: Dessert- und Essenskarten selbst machen (inkl. Printable!) + sweet, simple Doggy Bags

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf English verfügbar. Mehr lesen »

DIY: Ganz einfach – Mach deine eigenen Cupcake Toppers (inkl. Printable)

cupcake toppers

This is what happens when you all want to make everything yourself: You design and craft cute cupcake toppers for a huge birthday party and when the day comes you forget to even stick them in the cupcakes :-) This happened to me on Kris‘ golden and violet birthday party. I had way too much on my mind and when ... Mehr lesen »

Heute ist Cinco De Mayo!!

Hi everybody, today is Cinco De Mayo, a mexican holiday always held on May 5. It is celebrated in the United States and in Mexico. Cinco De Mayo means „5th of May“ by the way :-) It is a celebration of Mexican heritage & pride and its gotten very popular over the years. When people think of Cinco de Mayo, ... Mehr lesen »

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