Mai 29, 2024
DIY – Instagram Wall Art: Deine eigene Instagram Leinwand

DIY – Instagram Wall Art: Deine eigene Instagram Leinwand

Leider ist der Eintrag nur auf English verfügbar.

Über niner bakes

Hi I'm niner - I blog about cake pops, cupcakes & super healthy things: green smoothies, matcha, super foods & more! Welcome to my blog, I am thrilled you're here :)

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  1. Hi Niner, that is a beautiful well thought out gift. I love to give home made gifts too but haven’t ever attempted anything as large or creative as this. Anja is very lucky to have a friend in you. Wishing you every blessing, Debbie x

    • Thanks Debbie thats so sweet of you! You should try it out, are you on instagram? You could share your lovely photos, I am sure you’d reach many people. It would be so sweet to see you there :-) Many blessings to you too!! niner

  2. Yay!! Finally another post from Niner!! ;-)
    So many things to say!

    I love that you’re on Instagram too now… it’s nice to connect with you there. I also love your DIY; I think I need to make one too! You’re so talented how you put everything together and you’re such a gifted designer – love the Cupcake City images!

    p.s. Love your chandelier :)

    • Thank you, Marian!! :-) So happy to see your comment here. I so agree, it is so sweet to connect with you on Instagram – to see what you are up to besides seeing your blogposts – just lovely =)
      Many blessings!!

  3. What size did you cut your photos to before gluing them to the backing? Your wall art turned out very nicely, BTW.

  4. Great gift idea and excellent tutorial. Have you tried printing an Instagram photo on three separate canvases? Creates a really cool effect!

  5. Hey, these look great. With the one you did for yourself, did you just leave the edges blank? I’m about to try it myself!

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