December 4, 2016

Cake Pops 101

In “Cake Pops 101″ I am sharing my experiences, ideas, equipment and certain problems that pop up when making cake pops. Basically a “Cake Pop-Pedia”. This list will grow constantly.

Feel free to ask any question or even share your experiences with us, in the comment section below.

Let’s get started:
Cake Pops 101: Tips, Tricks & Great Ideas on how to display your cake pops!

This blogpost contains issues like:

  • cheap ideas to display your cake pops
  • examples you can shop online
  • diy cake pops stands and displays
  • visual example and ideas

Visit the blogpost here.

Cake Pops 101: Troubleshooting Guide

In this troubleshooting blogpost I am talking about all kinds of common cake pops problems and fails that we all once experienced:

  • Cake Balls fall apart, or fall off the stick
  • Cake Ball are not round enough
  • Candy Coating too thick
  • Here I am talking about
  • Why Candy Melts crack
  • Air Bubbles in candy melts
  • White Streaks in candy melts
  • Edible Ink Pens and its problems
  • Sprinkles etc. fall off the cake pop

Visit the blogpost here.


  1. SUUUUUUUPER Seite :-)! Danke für alle Infos!!

  2. Hello I love your designs:) I discovered you on Pinterest. So glad I did:) Do you have a Facebook page too? I definitely will be coming back to visit:) Very Impressive:)

  3. Hey,
    ich wollte fragen, wie man das macht, dass die cake Pops überall bedeckt sind, also auch auf der unteren Hälfte, weil das bekomme ich nie hin. Und kannst du sowas auch für Cupcakes machen, z.B, ist mein Topping nie fest genug. Was mache ich da falsch?

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