July 18, 2024
Creative Christmas Treats: Cupcakes and Cake Pops

Creative Christmas Treats: Cupcakes and Cake Pops

Christmas is close and I am ready! Are you?
If you are asking Mr. Google for Christmas Baking Inspiration lately, why don’t you check out my little collection of Christmas Cake Pops and Cupcakes? Why don’t you surprise your loved ones with something unique for Christmas? Simply click on the images to get to the blogposts.

Cute and Lovely Christmas Snowman Cake Pops
My first Snowman Cake Pops I made. You will never forget that!

{Christmas} Snowman Cake Pops reloaded
The advanced snowman cake pop version, and I love to make these just to use them as home decor during Christmas season :-)

Candy Cane Cake Pops
Super easy to make, guys. As decor, all you need is crushed candy canes.

Christmas Winter Wonderland treats: Cupcakes + How to make christmas tree cupcakes
Lots of inspiration for your dessert table. Christmas Tree Cupcakes are a huge hit everywhere you bring them and they are not that hard to make at all. There are easy ones and versions for advanced bakers/decorators available.

Christmas Wonderland Cake Pops: Stockings, Snowmen, Penguins, Santa Hats, Holly Leafs, Christmas Trees and more!
So many in one blogpost, not all of them in the photo either. I suggest you pay the blogpost a visit :-)

Christmas Cake Pops Tutorial: How to make Holly Leaf Cake Pops
Including a video tutorial on my how to make the snowy drip on the cake pops.

Santa Hat Birdie Cake Pops: Tutorial
Birds with santa hats? Yes please! So versatile, you can dip the birds in different colors to make it even more fun!

{Tutorial} How to make winter Penguin Cake Pops
Many people love these pengiun cake pops and they never get old. I make them every year.

How to pipe Christmas Tree Forest Cupcakes (incl. how-to videos!)
Easy peasy Christmas Tree Cupcakes, for last minute decorating :-)

Enjoy December and happy Christmas baking to all of you.
Please show me your creations on my Facebook Wall or tag me on Instagram or Twitter. Would love to see what you do!

God bless you all,

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  1. Hi Niner,
    All of these are so cute! I’m inspired now and feel like making some cake pops! The snowmen and penguins especially, they are just so so sweet!
    Thanks for sharing and happy Christmas baking to you. xxoo

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