July 18, 2024

DIY – Polka Dot Tiered Planters

Hi there!!

Oh how much I am in the mood for summer. Spring has sort of started, it is still cold most of the time but the sun is shining and I have been wanting to make this DIY project for a while!
Polka Dot Tiered Planters, I have first seen those on the net somewhere but then again found such a cute example on Positively Splendid, a creative blog by Amy. Her work is truly amazing and inspiring! So I thought let’s give it a try :-)

I bought 3 pots (clay) and colors of my choice. I am sure I will re-paint them each year because I am already thinking about different colors :-)
I coated the pots twice, inside and outside, let them dry and then used a circle foam to paint the polka dots on the pots. If you mess up, just paint it over again, let it dry for a little bit and try again. It is so much fun too – I am sure you all would like this project.

Read on to read instructions how to do it.

When my pots were all dry, I filled them with flower soil and stacked the pots (see photos). Start now on the top tier to fill the pot with flowers of your choice. Do the same with the second and third tier and voilá, you are done and look how cute it is. I haven’t seen that around at all – thanks Amy!

See here a couple of steps (not all, sorry):

I hope you guys like it and let me know if you want to try it out too – I would love to see your creations!!
And make sure to stop by here: Positively Splendid.


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  1. So cool Niner! I’m so amazed at the perfect circles you painted!! What an artistic and steady hand you have! I think I would need to use a stencil. ;-)
    I’m so hapy about spring too… and am looking forward to more of your posts! Hugs! xo

    • THANKS Marian :-) I did try out the circles on the smallest pot first, messed up a couple of times and re-painted it green but then everything went smooth. You would SO be able to do it without a problem :-)
      Thanks for stopping by so quickly :-) xoxoxo

  2. Die Töpfe sehen ja richtig klasse aus und auch die Idee, sie ineinander zu Stapeln und dann zu bepflanzen find ich sagenhaft!
    Da könnte man dann auch super Schnittsalat drinn anpflanzen, auf jeder ebene eine andere Sorte. Bin begeistert…

    Schöne Grüße

    • Hi Jenny, ich danke dir für’s Vorbeischauen, freut mich riesig, dass dir meine Blumentowers gefallen =)
      Ich finde deine Salat Seite super, so hat man einen top Überblick über jegliche Sorten!
      Viele Grüße, Niner =)

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