March 4, 2024
Marry Me – Wedding Cake Pops

Marry Me – Wedding Cake Pops

UPDATE MAY 30th 2012: I MADE A TUTORIAL, so you can easily make these wedding cake pops yourself.

Hi everyone,
I hope everyone had a great Easter!
It has been a good minute since my last post – I just been busy with so much other stuff – Since I also sell Cake Pops over here in Germany (Cupcake City Hannover), sometimes there are just so many orders that I cannot really do anything for my beloved blog.
Wish the day had a couple more hours added to the 24 =)

Since Wedding Season is coming up, I have been trying out a couple of elegant and classy Cake Pops for my clients.
These upcoming BRIDE and GROOM cake pops aren’t new invented from me – but I think these are THE perfect Cake Pops for a wedding. It is just so awesome how they come together and all of a sudden they look just so “real” and you can definitely tell what these are for. hese cute little bow ties made out of two heart shaped sprinkles…so easy but looks so great at the same time.

I thought I’d share those with you in case you do not know these yet.
Absolutely adorable…I hope someone can make these for me when my wedding day comes in a couple of years :-)

Let me introuce you to the groom:

Please read on to see more photos including the bride :-)

And a whole crew of wedding couples :-)

I used my typical OREO Creamcheese Filling – this is what most people want.

Anybody of you ever tried these or even had these on your Wedding Day?

I wish you all a great weekend!!!


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  1. Hi!!

    Good news if you’re too busy!!! It’s one of the best things we can have, even if we’d love having more hours :P

    Perhaps you haven’t invented these, but you make them soooooo cute!!! I love then, a single idea, a very cute detail, and yours are the perfection!! Each sprinkle in his right place!! I can’t imagine that you make any mistake in any of the pop you prepare :P

    Un beso!!

  2. Paula it is SO nice to read your comments, really. Such a great supporter!! Thanks so much for your kind words, these made my day =)
    Thanks for stopping by, sweetie.
    niner :-)

  3. So glad to see you back, Niner! Missed your lovely blog posts!
    These guys are without a doubt, adorable! Pinned them already and think I’ll try them with my students (no weddings coming up for me). Hugs and welcome back! xoxo

  4. So beautiful!! Bravo, very nicely done!

  5. Ich liebe Deine Einträge und natürlich erst Recht die Ergebnisse! ?liche Grüße aus dem verregneten München!

  6. You Oreo & Cream Cheese Recipe is the best!! I made those for my boyfriends birthday this week and it rocked :) :)

  7. Dank für das Teilen diesen Post mit uns. Ich bin sehr glücklich, diese wedding Cake Ideen haben. Wirklich Cakes sind groß und großartig. Liebe dich

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