May 19, 2024
Last minute Valentine’s Day gift: Easy Heart & Marbled Cake Pops

Last minute Valentine’s Day gift: Easy Heart & Marbled Cake Pops

Today is Valentine’s Day!!
For all of you who are still looking for a cute and sweet way to surprise your loved ones, I have something sweet AND easy for you today:
Marbled Cake Pops with Candy Hearts.

Very easy to make:
Perfect as a last minute gift for Valentine’s Day!

If it is the first time you are making cake pops, please visit my tutorial and recipe here.

For the Marbled Cake Pops you need:

Additional Items you may want to get, makes a nice gift:

  • 1. Prepare your cake pops as usual.
    Or, visit my tutorial and recipe here.
  • 2. After melting your candy melts, dip your cake pop in white candy melts first (for example, the color is not important), shake off the excess of the candy melts, and transfer the cake pop to the second bowl with a different color of candy melts. Twist the cake pop around but do not fully mix it in there, just so it gets a nice marbled texture. It will not take long but the result is wonderful.
  • 3. Let the excess of the candy melts run off the cake pop while turning it a little so the marbled texture becomes even more abstract. Now add sanding sugar on the cake pop (I recommend to wear gloves) or any other sprinkles you may like.
  • 4. Now place a big candy heart on top of the cake pop (tweezers) and a smaller one beside it, or place smaller ones in the middle, just as you wish. If you add hearts on top of eachother like I did, use candy melts as glue.
  • 5. Let your cake pops dry in a styrofoam block.
  • 6. For a sweeter look, use ribbon for tying around the cake pop. The ribbon really makes it look more romantic in the end.

Et voilá, Valentine’s Day cake pops the easy peasy way.

Of course you can make heart shaped cake pops also, just use a heart cookie cutter for that, take a look:

Enjoy your romantic Valentine’s Day!

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  1. They look like pretty li’l planets.

  2. So gorgeous, Niner! Your photos are so beautiful, and the pops, just sooo sweet! I love them! xoxo

  3. Hello niner
    so happy to finding your website.
    i have made your oreo cakepops and they were perfect. thank you for your unique recipe and for very helpful guides to making cake pops.
    sadly can not uploading my cake pops photos for you….
    i have a question from you and will very thankful if you respond me:
    im not in Germany but maybe coming there 1 month later.
    i want to ask you if you know any baking supply shop in Frankfurt (i mean shops like “torten-boutique” and “wilton”) so i can go there and shop my desired stuffs.
    thank you for your kindness

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