July 18, 2024
Lovely, pink birthday Cake Pops for Mom – How to make cake pops

Lovely, pink birthday Cake Pops for Mom – How to make cake pops

What’s happening everyone??

Half of the week is over, so happy Wednesday to you all.

Remember my post about the Red Velvet Sheet Cake I made for my moms birthday?
Well that was not the only sweet treat she got from me.
My today’s post is about yummy, pink birthday cake pops I made for my mom. I chose mainly pink/rosa/red colors, so when they were I done I thought: These would go great with Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day as well :-)

If you want to see more pictures and the recipe..read on, guys.

  • Prep Time 20 minutes
  • Baking Time 10 minutes in refrigerator
  • Difficulty Easy

For the Cake Pops:

  • Prepare yourself before you actually start. Get everything out on the counter you need, so you do not stress yourself in the middle of the decorating process :-)
  • 1. Now, make the NO BAKE Cake Pops: Grind your Oreo cookies to fine crumbs in a food processor
  • 2. Put the crumbmix into a boal and hand mix with cream cheese. I use gloves though, because it gets messy :-) Especially when you have longer nails, it takes a while to be “oreo/creamcheese-free” again. So just use gloves, or when you have kids, I am sure they would love to help you with this step :-)
  • 3. Keep in mind that the dough should have the consistency of play-dough.
  • 4. Roll the dough into 1″ balls or weigh them (20g), then refrigerate them for at least 10 minutes to firm up.
  • 5. Now melt your candy wafers.
  • 6. Dip a little bit of the lollipop stick in the melted candy, then stick the lollipop stick in the Cake Pop (half way) and dip the Cake Pop in the melted candy wafers.
  • 7. Now you can add sprinkles, sanding sugar or anything else etc. to decorate. Don’t wait too long, otherwise it won’t stick to the base. Merckens Candy Melts dry pretty quickly, so that is why I should not wait too long.
  • 8. When you’re done with deocrating, put it in a styrofoam block to let these cute cake pops dry completely.
  • 9. Get it started. Have fun decorating and enjoy your Cake Pops and maybe give some away :-)

Left: my moms sweet treats // right: my lovely mom.

I can’t make Cake Pops and not have at least one Pop that has a drip…I love it.

Love this sanding sugar…

I like Cake Pops and I cannot lie…

as close as it gets…love these kind of shots!

Have fun making these, let me know if you did and send a comment :-)


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  1. BEAUTIFUL!!! I love them!!!
    Niner, they are so pretty!
    A few questions for you:
    1) How do you make dip them neatly so not a lot of the candy coating goes onto the stick (right under the cake pop)?

    2) Did you use a squeeze bottle to put the pink ‘stripes’ on some of the cake pops above, or just a spoon? (or how please?)

    3) Do you ever use molds to make the cake pops, or do you make the shapes by hand?

    • Hi Marian!! :-)
      Lovely comment, thanks so much.

      Regarding your questions:
      1) The key is to hold the cake pop (lollipop stick already sticked in the cake pop) upside down after you dunked it in the candy coating. Move it around so all the excess can come off. This way nothing will run down.
      2) I sure used a squeeze bottle, I tried it with a spoon before but this way, you will not get these thin lines/stripes. Honestly though, I did not like the bottle version too much because it is quite hard to clean it. I think next time I will use a disposable icing bag. I am sure this is way easier :-)
      3) For the heart cake pops or stars etc. I always use cookie cutters. I find it easier and it looks way better than shaping them from hand (and it takes much longer).

      Have a wonderful day, sweetie.

  2. Ninah: ¡qué bonitos son! ¡Me encantan! ¡Felicidades! Un beso

  3. Can I have a few for my kids please? They are so cute!!

  4. They can’t be cuter!! I think they’re one of the greatest cake pops I have seen in the web (also in real life). I love them!!! They’re so pink!!!!!

  5. So cute! I love all your pictures but especially the one with the drip, it looks so pretty like that :D And the ones with chocolate and pink stripes and sanding sugar. So pretty!

  6. Thanks Niner for answering my questions!

    Now a few more if you don’t mind please. ;-)

    1) Do you leave your cake pops in an air-conditioned room or would you leave them at room temperature in a room which is a little bit humid?

    2) How do you transport your cake pops. I need to drive an hour with them and a few are a litte fragile.

    3a) Do you find the candy melts kind of get thick after a few minutes? Like they cool down and then it’s harder to get a nice finish on the pop?

    b) Do you re-melt your candy melts after a few minutes of using it?

    Sorry for all these questions! I’m new to cake pops and hope to make ones as nice as yours!

    THANK YOU and hope you are doing well!!! Miss you around the web. ;-)

    • Hi Marian, nooo problem, here we go:
      1) Usually when I am done decorating my Cake Pops I leave them in the kitchen (in a styropor block) overnight. In the morning, when I know it still takes a day until I deliver them to someone, I lay them on a plate (carefully) and put them in the refrigerator. Or if it fits: In an airtight container, in the refrigerator.

      2) You can stick them in styropor blocks, push them in deep so they can handle the road. The styroporblocks can be placed in a box so they cannot fall down the seat etc. Or you can lay them down in a tissue filled box/container.

      3a) Yes, especially candy melts made for Cake Pops thicken very quickly, that is how I experienced it. That is why I hurry with the decorating.

      3b) When my candy melts thicken in the bowl, I just put them back in the microwave for like 10 seconds and it is good to go again :-)

      I love that you are interested, and I KNOW you will do great. Cookie Queen…becoming Cake Pop queen :-)

      Much love sweetie!!

  7. Great pictures, so colorfull…
    I’m gonna try this with my kids this week but think i have a long way to go before i can show results like this. I’ve linked up to you from my blog in case you want to see my results.

    • Hi Briny, I just visited your site. SO great what you have planned for your kids. Wish every child would experience such wonderful things.
      Would you mind to stop by again and tell me how it all worked out? I hope it is going to be lots of fun =)
      Thanks for your comment, many blessings..

  8. Hi Niner,

    Your cake pops look so cute!!

    How many oreo cookies are there in the one package that you used to make these cake pops? I am from Indonesia and I am pretty sure we have different quantities in one package. Thanks ;)


    • Hi there Jenni,
      thanks so much for your sweet comment, glad you like my Cake Pops. :-)
      I use 176g packages (6.2 ounces). Hope you can try them out soon and that they turn out just perfect :-)
      Have a great Sunday,

  9. Wieviel grams ist eine Packung Oreos im Rezept?? Danke.

  10. Sorry, habe es erst jetzt oben gesehen…

  11. Sorry 2: I got confused and wrote in German… :)

    • Haha hi Mia, das ist völlig okay auf Deutsch zu schreiben, alles gut :-)
      Hoffe dir gelingen die Cake Pops und über ein kurzes “wie ist es gelaufen” würde ich mich sehr freuen.
      Liebste Grüße an Dich,

  12. Hallo niner !

    Normally I would not be interested in cake pops (always on a diet), but this page has changed my mind, for two reasons:

    1/ I have now made your *amazing* New York Style Cheesecake twice and I trust you absolutely. (I’m planning to bring all the ingredients to Paris for Christmas, and make it there at least 3 times. As I mentioned in a post, 3 of the ingredients are not available in France.)

    2/ My 13-year-old niece, who lives with us, is having a Hallowe’en party on October 27th, and I think that it would be a brilliant idea to have her guests make Hallowe’en Cake Pops. (Think ORANGE candy melt!)

    Although I plan to “practice” with her beforehand, I need your advice. I believe that I should grind the Oreos (amazing that you can get them in Germany; they’re not sold in France either) and have the kids who get to the party early meld them into pops.

    Question 1a: Do I have them put the molded mixture on parchment paper on top of a cookie sheet and put them in the refrigerator? (Actually, my fridge is not that large.)
    Question 1b: For how long should they stay in the fridge before the kids can decorate them?

    Question 2a: I plan to have the kids label the popsicle sticks before dipping, and let each kid dip 4-6, so they can take some home. For how long must they stay in the fridge before they can be eaten?
    Question 2b: What are these styro forms of which you speak? Could you please post a photo? I’m amazed that you can put a cake pop into something without spoiling the decoration.

    Question 3: If that’s you in the photo, HOW do you stay so SLIM after baking these marvelous confections?!

    Congratulations on your work, and on your site. Yours is the best baking site I’ve ever found on the Internet!


    • Hi there laura,
      wow what a wonderful comment, so much to read, such sweet words from your side; thanks a million :-)
      So happy you like the cheesecake, and I hope it will all work out when you are making the cake in Paris.

      It is really strange that you cannot get Oreo cookies in France. This is weird BUT you could order them online?
      http://www.worldofsweets.de – ships to France, and it costs 13 EUR if the package weighs under 10kg.

      Now regarding your questions:

      Question 1a:
      Yes after you rolled the balls, they have to be refrigerated. Either way, in the freezer for about 15-20 minutes, or for at least 30min in your fridge – they have to firm up. Make sure to make a little space in your fridge and it should work out fine.
      Question 1b: freezer: 15-20min // fridge: at least 30min.

      Question 2a: It depends on the room temperature, humidity etc but if you put the dipped cake pops in the fridge, it should not take longer than 30min until the chocolate cooled down.
      Question 2b: Please check out this link here: http://www.eckstein-kreativ.de/shop-p/669-0-0-0-0/14348.html
      And see a photo from my styrofoam cake pop tower I crafted; I made it out of 3 different sizes of styrofoam blocks:

      Question 3: Haha yes thats me and somehow I manage not to eat sweets all day :-) Candy etc is what I call “sometimes food” – this way, if you eat it not on the regular, your shape will stay just fine :-)

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment.
      Hope you liked my facebook page as well to get more information:
      Have a great day and let me know how it all went; plus you can post photos on my FB Page; of the cheesecake, cake pops etc.
      Love, niner

  13. Oh, wait a minute — now I think that you must be putting the sticks into the styro-whatever, with the little “heads” of the Cake Pops sticking out. Yet you must not put the sticks in too far, or else it would be impossible to

    A photo would be nice… and as well, the precise measurements of cream cheese/cookies, in grams and/or ounces.

    (I might note that you omit to note when to add the vanilla.)

    Vielen Dank im Voraus,


    • Hi Laura,
      if you switch to the german site (on the very top right of the website you see LANGUAGE, click on the german flag) and then visit the blogpost of the cheesecake, you will see german measurements etc (grams).
      I hope this will help you.
      Enjoy your day :-)

  14. Thank you very much for your quick responses, niner! I’m getting really excited about having the kids make “cake pops” as the main activity of the party. (I think we’ll have prizes: for the scariest, funniest, cutest, most original….)

    As for the precise measurements, I was talking about the Pop Cakes, not the cheesecake. (I actually have comments about your cheesecake measurements, which I’ll post later on that page — if you’re curious, basically I have multiplied all your measurements by 4/7 and my results look just like yours and taste incredible!)

    Back to Pop Cakes: I note that one of your commennters asked you how many grams were in a package of Oreos, and you told her. But it might be nice to revise the original post to include that information, as well as mentioning when to add the vanilla. You “preview” the vanilla, but don’t actually mention when to add it.

    As for France, why should they have Oreos? It’s an American product, and to the extent that they eat cookies (France is not really a “cookie” culture), they have their own, such as the delicious “Petit Ecolier.” They do not sell graham crackers, either, nor Philadelphia cream cheese, nor sour cream! So that is why I am bringing those three ingredients to France with me. (Nor buttermilk, either, by the way.)

    I approve of how France tries to maintain its own culture, and not give into the “American juggernaut.” American culture is not the greatest, really (except for the Cheesecake!) and it’s sad to see local, European cultures and traditions lose ground to American corporate influence. Thanks to junk food — which was not available so much until the past 20 years — French children are starting to get fat, which they never were before.

    The ties between Germany and the U.S. are much stronger, from a cultural perspective, than between the U.S. and France. First, Germans made up a huge, vitally important wave of immigration to the U.S. in the mid-late 19th century, which is why we send our children to Kindergarten and say “Gesundheit” when someone sneezes. Moreover the elements of an American picnic — hot dogs, potato salad — are completely German, although most people don’t realize it.

    I imagine that we got our taste for sour cream (and related products) from German immigrants. And then, in the reverse direction, the presence of American military in Germany in the post-war era has had a significant impact on what is sold in stores in Germany.

    (I am American who lived in France for 10 years, during which time I traveled to Munich twice a year. I was always struck by the number of American products I see on German supermarket shelves compared to what is sold in France.)

    Finally, English is, of course, a Germanic language!

    • Hi there Laura, sorry for the late response.
      I changed the measurements (grams for Oreos) on this blogpost here and I hope you get it all done with all the information.
      Since mostly all european countries are pretty much “americanized” I thought they would definitely sell it there too. I knew though that France always tries to keep their culture alive as much as possible. In Germany, obesity became a HUGE problem as well, the government now tries to fight it but I doubt that it is getting better. It is all about how you raise your children I think, and that you have to LOOK at the ingredients and do not just believe everything a product tells you in its ads =) It’s a tough topic; it is not easy.
      I hope you will get all products and if not, you can still use the other version: use home baked cake and use its crumbs to make Cake Pops. There is no need to really use the Oreo version, although so many people LOVE it =)
      I wish you a sweet weekend, Laura.
      Blessings, niner

  15. Dear niner,

    Well, we did a “test run” last night, and I’m so glad I did, because I made a couple of mistakes and I have a couple of questions:

    1. First of all I printed out the wrong recipe (your Wedding Tutorial) to take to the store, and so I didn’t realize that I needed to buy cream cheese. I found a YouTube video where this woman made Oreo pops with buttercream frosting, and so we substituted that. The pops did hold together well after several hours of refrigeration (the woman suggests FREEZING overnight!), but the idea of blending Oreo cookies with frosting is simply awful. Together with the dip + sprinkles they render the pops WAY, WAY TOO SWEET! I realize now that YOUR METHOD of adding only cream cheese to Oreos will greatly reduce the amount of sugar. And so of course we will do that for the 2nd “test run.”

    2. My two 13-year-olds and I made some of our pops TOO large. You do say “1-inch” rounds, and I hadn’t paid proper attention. There IS such a thing as *too much* of a good thing.

    3. I bought chocolate melts at a very high-end cooking store (“Sur La Table”), but they were TERRIBLE. The chocolate came out very thick, like cake icing. So I blended in a little coconut oil to smooth it out. Well, the chocolate looked beautiful, but it rendered the pops way too “wet” to accept any decoration. The decoration just slid off into the bowl.

    So, niner: I was going to ask you how to make the chocolate melts work better, but I saw that you swear by a German brand, plus Wilton. So I went to Wilton’s website and ordered a few bags of black and orange melts. (This is for a 13-year-old’s Hallowe’en Party, after all!) Having the real stuff should make my life much easier.


    (1) You don’t mix the Wilton melts with anything else; is that right?

    (2) How do you achieve uniform application of sprinkles and/or sanding sugar? Do you pour them into small bowl with high sides so that you can roll them around easily?

    (3) Finally, what are some of these decorative “bases” you use to display your pops? They look so wonderful.

    So the *moral* of my story (as we say in English) is that ONE MUST FOLLOW YOUR INSTRUCTIONS TO A “T”!

    Finally, an ancillary question: do you explain anywhere on your site how to make the cheesecake pops? Having made SIX of your cheesecakes — in the space of 2 months! But I was visiting my mother during some of that time, and she requested that I freeze one for later — I feel pretty confident about taking that step, IF I could knew how to make the cheesecake hold into little “pops”.

    Thanks again for your availability,


    • Dear Niner,

      I have a question about the SIZE of your cake pops. Would you mind, when you have time, looking at this video and letting me (us) know which size you make your pops? http://www.wilton.com/pops/making-pops/cake-pop-sizes.cfm

      Thanks SO much!


      • Thank you. Sometime when you have time (not Monday morning, obviously!) it might be interesting for you to view the Wilton company’s video. It’s very short, and the lady there shows very precisely how she makes “small,” “medium” and “large” cake pops. (Or “cake balls,” as she calls them.)

        I appreciate SO MUCH your answering this question (although since my scale is broken it’s not immediately useful; I am in the U.S. where we don’t weigh anything, except ourselves!). However, when you get around to it, I did ask you some other questions in the post above this one. (I don’t mean to be pushy; I just think you may have overlooked them.)

        Vielen Dank!


      • Hi Laura, I weigh my cake pops, mostly each one is about 20grams, I hope this helps =)

    • Hi Laura, thanks so much for your feedback!
      I agree, Oreo & Buttercream Frosting is a little too much sugar =) I only use Buttercream Frosting when I actually have cake crumbs to mix it with, no oreos.
      About the size, mine are usually around 3cm, thats a little more than 1 inch. Please see this image on my instagram account:
      http://statigr.am/viewer.php#/detail/303002790575341946_200198199 – you see, compared to my hands, how big/small the cake pops are? When you roll them too big, they most likey fall off the stick if they arent firm enough. To me, a huge cake pop isnt as tasty, because it is just too much =)
      Youve mentioned that the decorations fell off the ball, the chocolate did set after some time though right? After you dipped your cake pops into the chocolate, it is very important to tap off any excess of the chocolate, very gently, it does take some time too if the chocolate is very runny. When you are certain that no more chocolate would slide off the ball, you can start to decorate your cake pop.

      (1) You bought Wilton Candy Melts, thats great because I use that brand as well. Sometimes the candy melts are really thick (humidity etc. has a lot to do with it), so what you can do is to pour in (bit by bit) a little vegetable oil. I have never tried coconut oil, so I cannot tell you how it would react.
      So to make your candy melts smoother (if not smooth already) use veggie oil. Other than that I dont mix anything else in it. Wilton offers candy melts coloring though, that, you can pour in as well to make different shades of colors.
      (2) I actually pour a big amount of sprinkles in a big bowl, I use gloves, then I take the sprinkles and just sprinkle them on top of the cake pop. If you have a bigger sprinkle, lets say a heart that goes on top of the cake pop tweezers are perfect to place it on top precisely. You definitely can roll your cake pop IN sprinkles around, but I never really do it. I rather sprinkle it all on there with my fingers.
      (3) What I mostly use are styrofoam blocks. To make a nice cake pop tower, like this: http://statigr.am/viewer.php#/detail/260521316194583026_200198199 – use a bigger styrofoam block for the bottom and get smaller and smaller for the top parts. You can use glue to stick it together, or high wooden sticks. Then just use ribbon to decorate it and you have a nice display tower for your cake pops.
      What you can do also, is use big glasses, filled with deco sand (or white sugar) and then just stick the cake pops in the sand. Ribbons around the glass, perfect display =)

      Cheesecake Pops:
      I actually made some a while ago and wrote about it:
      If you have any other questions, let me know, I would love to help out.
      I am thinking about making a little FAQ Guide for people who have questions in general. I think that would be a good idea.

      Blessings, Laura =)

  16. Good morning, niner !

    My niece’s Hallowe’en Party went extremely well last night, THANKS TO YOU! The “cake pop creation station” was the definite hit of the party!

    I can’t believe that I was finally able to make the cake pops work; somehow all my preparation paid off and they came together at the last minute. Here are some photos I took (I don’t use a flash, and so some of them are a bit dark, but “you’ll get the picture,” as we say in English): https://picasaweb.google.com/LMorland/CakePopsThanksToNinerBakes?authuser=0&authkey=Gv1sRgCMeX2ojuv5_WUw&feat=directlink

    By the way, I still have over a dozen balls left in the fridge. (by “balls” I mean the “Stage 1” Oreo mixture that has been rolled into (2-tablespoon-sized) balls, but not further acted upon Can I freeze them?

    Danke schön !


    • Laura, those photos are so so sweet and cute, thanks so much for sending the link.
      I am happy the party went so well, I can tell from the photos, the girls had fun =)
      You can surely freeze the cakeballs, but make sure to transfer them to the fridge a couple of hours before you want to work with them again – if they are super frozen, it wont work at all, the candy melts will crack etc.
      Thanks so much for your feedback!

  17. Hi niner,
    ich finde die Cakepops wirklich genial und ich als Anfänger habe sie auch auf anhieb hinbekommen, aber ich finde es etwas doof immer die Oreo-Kekse von der Creme zu trennen und es nimmt auch wirklich viel Zeit in Anspruch. Daher meine Frage gibt es auch eine andere geeignete Kekssorte und wenn ja wie viel Gramm brauche ich dann für das oben angegebene Rezept?
    danke schon im Voraus Celina (13)

    • Hi Celina, du musst die Creme absolut nicht von den Cookies trennen, denn die Creme gibt dem Ganzen auch erst den tollen Geschmack.
      Also von nun an: Die ganzen Oreos zerkleinern =)
      Viele Grüße,

  18. Ooh die sehen alle so toll aus! Wunderschön wirklich!
    Gibst du auch Kurse? Haha
    Lg aus Berlin

    • Hi Laura, ganz lieben Dank. Ja, ich gebe ab und zu Kurse.
      Ich gebe gern private Workshops, Anzahl von 3 Personen, dann kann man sich besser auf den Einzelnen konzentrieren.
      Falls du und 2 Freundinnenn z.B. mal Lust haben, melde dich einfach.
      Alles Liebe,

  19. Hallo Niner,
    Wie lange kann ich diese Cakepops in etwa im Kühlschrank aufbewahren? 1 woche???
    Danke und LG

    • Hi Petra, also eine Woche ist Minimum..ich sage immer lieber ein bischen weniger, obwohl sie meist über 2 Wochen halten (oder länger). Da man aber nie weiß, wie die Leute die Cake Pops lagern, sind 1,5 Wochen gut zu vertreten =)
      Wünsche viel Genuss =)

  20. Vielen lieben Dank :-) . Die Cake Pops schmecken sooo genial *jamjam* und sehen auch ganz gut aus. (Kannst du bei mir bei Fb sehen ;-) ) . Ich hatte leider keine Candymelts und hab statt dessen eine Fettglasur vom Aldi verwendet. Musste aber mehrmals eintunken, da man sonst die Oreo-Masse durch sah. Bei ein paar Cake Pops haben sich dann Risse gebildet. Kann das durch eine zu dicke Schicht sein?
    Ich hab übrigens Plastikstrohhalme genommen. Gehalten hat es gut. Allerdings Knicken diese ganz leicht ab und lassen sich schwer in Styropor stecken. Beim nächsten mal nehm ich dann doch besser andere ;-) .
    Bin mal gespannt wie sie am Sonntag auf der Kommunion ankommen :-)

  21. Hi Niner,
    Wanted to tell you that your pops looks so yummy and the decoration are so beautiful!Anyway, I have a question for you, what can you substitute for cream cheese instead for lactose intolerant?
    Thank you Niner.

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