April 13, 2024
Aiya Matcha Latte, my absolute green tea goodness!

Aiya Matcha Latte, my absolute green tea goodness!

I already told you about my love for Aiya Matcha Green tea in a previous post about Matcha Cupcakes (click here to read).
And now I want to tell you about my all time favorite Matcha Latte I make every morning!

This color…

Anyone who is following me on Instagram already knows the deal:

In Canada they even had Matcha at Starbucks – by far not the healthiest at all, but I needed a little Matcha feeling!

  • Prep Time 1 minute
  • Difficulty easy
  • Servings 1 jar / cup

For your Matcha Latte you need:

  • Plant based mylk of your choice (I love Coconut Rice Mylk by Provamel)
  • hot, if possible filtered water (under 80 degrees celcius, under 176 Fahrenheidt)
  • 2 bamboo spoons or ½ teaspoon of Aiya Matcha powder
    (my two favorites are Horai and Hikari)
  • 1. If possible cook filtered water and let it cool, definitely under 80 degrees Celsius, or below 176 degrees Fahrenheidt. Open kettle and wait for 10 min or pour the water at least 4-5 times into another cold pot – water looses 4-5° C with each decanting.
    Pour two bamboo spoons of Matcha powder in a small bowl or Matcha bowl and pour in 80ml (1/3 of a cup) of your cooled down water.
  • 2. Use the matcha bamboo whisk (a must-have tool for sure) and whisk the tea until a fine froth appears. It will take you 15 seconds.
  • Here are two videos from Instagram:

  • 3. Now heat up your mylk of choice (coconutrice, oat, almond, rice, soy…) in a glas/jar in your microwave for 1 minute or so. I don’t like it too hot, because I want the precious nutrients of the matcha powder to last :-)
  • 4. Now pour in the matcha mix in your jar with the mylk. Use a small spatula to get all the green goodness in there. Voilá!
  • Pimp your Matcha-Advice:
    You can also use a little vanilla extract for more flavor, it is so good! Cinnamon is great too!

    Frothy Matcha Latte?
    You also prepare a very frothy matcha latte!
    I usually keep my base mylk: Coconutrice. But for the frothy top, this mylk is not good enough, so I tried out so many plant-based mylks that create a great frothy texture.
    I found a good one: Rice Almond Mylk by Provamel. If you don’t have Provamel in your area, please try out soy milk, which makes such a great foam too!
    Unfortunately I react to soy mylk, that is why I can’t use it.
    It took me a while to find the best mylk to create foam with. Almond mylk is definitely worth to try out too, folks!

    Video of I prepare my Matcha Latte:

    All you need to do it: Use my general recipe for Matcha Latte – The only difference is you scoop foamy mylk on top!

    All non-vegans can use normal cow’s milk too, but I suggest to try a plant based one.

First I used a simple manual milk frother but after a while I wanted something that worked more professional.
I researched a lot and found this awesome piece which is working so well! Unfortunately the one I own is not available in the States, Canada etc.

But I did a little research for you guys and this one here, the Nespresso Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother, seems so so good, it has great reviews too!

I hope you will try out your first Matcha soon – or in case you are already a Matcha lover:
How do you like to drink your Matcha? Do you have mor energy?
Do you miss coffee at all? (Because I don’t)
I am looking forward to read your comments!

Great stuff about Matcha around the web

I have a new video uploaded to YouTube – it’s a smoothie recipe:


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  1. I’m so glad you turned me on to matcha! I hadn’t even heard of it before you, and now I put it in my daily smoothies too… and I definitely enjoy the extra energy it gives me, especially in the morning!

    So glad to have all your awesome instagram matcha clips in one spot – I’ll be trying a matcha latte soon! Thanks for sharing such a thorough post on it! xoxo

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